Tax Rates in Luxembourg

Everything you need to know about Tax rates in Luxembourg: this guide explains Goverment Tax, how it works, and the different rates that apply across Luxembourg.

Tax Rates in Luxembourg
Tax Rates in Luxembourg

Tax Rates in Luxembourg explained

The Tax Rates in Luxembourg page explains the different types of taxes levied in the country and the tax rates that apply to individuals and businesses. It also provides an overview of the Tax Return process.

Luxembourg has three main types of taxes: direct taxes, indirect taxes, and social security contributions. Direct taxes are levied on income and capital, while indirect taxes are levied on consumption. Social security contributions are mandatory contributions to the social security system.

The Tax Return process in Luxembourg is conducted annually, and taxpayers can file their Tax Return electronically or by paper. Taxpayers who file their Tax Return electronically will receive a confirmation once their Tax Return has been processed. Taxpayers who file their Tax Return by paper will receive a notice in the mail confirming that their Tax Return has been received and is being processed.

The tax rates in Luxembourg vary depending on the type of tax being levied. The standard rate for direct taxes is 20%, while the standard rate for indirect taxes is 15%. Social security contributions are a flat rate of 10%. Taxpayers who are self-employed or have income from investments may be subject to different tax rates.

If you have any questions about the Tax Rates in Luxembourg or need assistance filing your Tax Return, please contact the Tax Administration.

How to Calculate Tax in Luxembourg?

To calculate income after tax in Luxembourg, you can use the income after Tax calculator LU.

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