VAT Rates in Australia

Everything you need to know about VAT rates in Australia: this guide explains Value-Added Tax, how it works, and the different rates that apply across Australia.

VAT Rates in Australia
VAT Rates in Australia

How much is VAT in Australia?

In Australia, the value-added tax (VAT) is 10%. This means that for most goods and services, you will pay an extra 10% on top of the advertised price. VAT is included in the price of most items that you purchase, so you may not even realise that you're paying it.

However, some items are exempt from VAT, such as food, books, and children's clothing. And, in some cases, you may be able to get a refund on the VAT paid on goods that export from Australia.

If you're a business owner, you must register for VAT if your turnover is more than $75,000 annually. And, once registered, you will need to charge VAT on all of the goods and services you sell.

How to Calculate VAT in Australia?

To calculate VAT in Australia, you can use the VAT Calculator AU.

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